Happy Labor Day, 2014!

Safe travels to you and your family during this Holiday Weekend.


The Roper-Colcolough Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors combines the experience and success of two of the industry’s top financial advisors. With over 55 years of combined experience and multiple achievements and designations between them, Randall Roper and John Colcolough offer a wide array of financial products, services, and concepts to individuals, foundations, and endowments.

We develop life-long client relationships established on the foundations of trust and client satisfaction by providing sound investment advice and the highest level of personal service.

Our value is built on our experience and knowledge of financial and estate investment planning, investments, and financial markets. In order to achieve financial independence, we work with you to formulate a comprehensive investment plan, implement that plan, and provide ongoing guidance and direction to three key areas instrumental to your financial success—accumulation of wealth, preservation of resources, and transfer of assets. Our business requires an in-depth understanding of each client’s financial assets, risk tolerance, investment experience, time horizons, concerns, and expectations. We know that in order to create lasting relationships, we must do more than just manage assets. We must also act in an advisory capacity, where ongoing education and communication are integral parts of the advisor-client commitment.

Take the time--focus on yourself--allow us to help you meet your needs and achieve your dreams.